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Courses-on-Fire is an online resource dedicated to serving fire protection professionals (FirePros!) looking to fast-track their careers and stand out in their field. Our library of online courses, tools and resources will help you on your journey to becoming an expert in fire protection. Courses-on-Fire also provides you with a connected community where you can learn from your peers about best-practices, code-compliance and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies.
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Course Author

  • James Ng

    Founder and Lead Instructor

    James Ng

    James Ng is the lead instructor for Courses-on-Fire, and he brings over 15 years of fire protection experience as both consultant and contractor, working with major private sector clients in the offshore, petrochemical and aviation industries. As a consultant, James has developed fire protection strategies that are code compliant and value engineered. He has also worked the other side as a contractor and executed technically challenging projects in offshore and remote locations. James believes in providing the best fire protection solutions in order to safeguard lives and assets. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from years of on-the-job training, and now he is sharing that knowledge with other fire protection professionals, so they can be better at their jobs, serve more people and provide better solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where will the course take place?

    Our courses are all pre-recorded and conducted online. We deliver all course material through a web browser on desktop or mobile device. We think this is great for you because it means you can work on the course material anytime and anyplace. Best of all, you do not need to install special software or hardware.

  • Do you have a physical in-classroom training?

    Not at the moment and not for the foreseeable future. Our mission is to make quality fire protection education accessible to anyone, and we feel the best way is to share our courses online. Now anyone with a decent internet connection can learn with us, wherever you are and you don’t have to purchase an expensive plane ticket or miss days at work.

  • What format are our courses in?

    The course will be a multimedia, interactive format, best viewed on desktop or a mobile device in landscape format. The course will be hosted on an online learning management system so that you can track and save your progress and come back to it at any time. Each course is accompanied by quizzes, graded assessments and cheat sheets. Our "online course' is designed to be a complete environment for learning and includes an internal discussion forum where you can raise any questions you have about course content.